A Spiritual Solution to Releasing Life’s Problems






When you look at your life from a spiritual perspective, these feelings and problems do not exist… They are an illusion of our physical world, only made possible by the ego. But sometimes, we get lost in the shuffle of the everyday, physical life in our current experience; and this makes the experience of stress, anxiety, apprehension, fear, and other ego-based emotions so real to us in many of our moments.

You see, health of the mind plays a major factor in becoming ONE. In this article, I use “the mind” to refer to our thoughts and that little voice guiding us along our path. That little voice can be ego or spirit… You get to decide. A mind at ONE sends the voice of spirit and quiets (or even silences) the voice of ego; so ultimately, the goal would be to release ego before its emotions (such as stress, anxiety, apprehension, and fear) have a chance to work their way into our lives. Re-centering throughout your day is one of the best ways to spiritually, mindfully, and holistically put an end to any ego-based emotion.

The solution to (or, one could say, the lesson of) stress, anxiety, apprehension, fear, and other ego-based emotions is simple… Get back to living from Spirit, and you instantly rid yourself of these ego-based problems. It sounds so simple, but sometimes isn’t as simply done as it is said. When we are centered, we are living from spirit—we are living a Spiritually Mindful Lifestyle—we are living in complete balance of mind, body, and spirit. So, consider what helps you to find center in your life… For some, finding center is as simple as being in nature; for some, finding center is done through invoking a positive flow of chi or prana (life source energy) throughout and beyond the body; for some, finding center only requires spending a few minutes each day on a hobby; and for some, finding center can be done through doing absolutely nothing at all and allowing oneself to fully experience the very moment they exist in. Just the same as any other spiritual or mindful practice in life, each experience is individual and unique, so I encourage you to find your own way to center yourself. This may require some trial and error, or it may be a combination of things; whatever it is, once you find your “groove,” you’ll be able to re-center anytime, anywhere.

To get you started, here are 5 of my personal favorite ways to re-center and release ego:



Meditating allows us to clear our mind and open our heart. Finding spirit can usually be done through opening our heart center and rekindling the fire within the heart center. I’ve found no better way to do this than through meditation.

Whether you view meditation as a spiritual or mindful practice, it will help you to get back to center. Meditation as a mindfulness practice helps us to clear the mind (ego) in order to make way for the heart (or spirit). Meditation as a spiritual practice opens the heart (spirit) to overcome the mind (ego).



Make your life as simple as possible. When we complicate our lives, we fill our time with complexities that cloud our vision and actually move us further away from our spiritual selves. Life was never intended to be complex, because life itself is simple!

Get rid of “things” that no longer serve you, make your days easy, and focus on the things that really matter… Don’t waste another second on complicating your life… Focus on clearing space to make room for your spirit!



Yoga has proven, time and time again, to be one of the most effective methods for relaxing and re-centering. Yoga is calming and meditative, and it is one of the easiest practices to start–all you need is you!

Yoga is a Sanskrit term that roughly translates to yoke. Yoke can generally be described as union (or ONE). Yoga is a practice that helps you to find ONE with body, mind, spirit, and soul, as well as ONE with and within our planet and the All of spirit. It is an all-encompassing practice that I recommend to anyone and everyone. It makes no difference whether you’re strong, flexible, have good stamina, or like heart-pumping workouts… There is a yoga practice for everyone.



If you’ve followed any of my writing, you’ll know that I suggest journaling for almost every “problem” in life. Since I have began my own journaling practice, I have found so much clarity and peace, and it has worked wonderfully for helping me to live from spirit. I find that there is nothing quite like spilling your heart onto a blank page–it helps you to release tension, find center, and be blissful in your moments. I have or have had journals for all of my endeavors–a meditation journal, a journal for connecting with Angels, an art journal, a gratitude journal, a journal for my day-to-day life, a journal for my intentions (or goals), a dream journal… You name it, I’ve probably had a journal for it!

Journaling is a freeing experience. It helps you to open up to yourself, which can be one of the hardest things for some people. It makes you really consider who you are and where you are going. It is a place where you can let your own creative expression spill without worry or fear of judgment. Your journal can be anything and everything you want it to be, and it’s your own creative expression–it is one of the best ways to re-center by connecting with yourself and spirit.


Spend Time in Nature

And finally, one of my absolute favorite ways to re-center and connect with spirit is being in nature. We all have “those days,” and sometimes we just need to escape and be in the moment. I do this in nature. Sitting outside, listening to the birds chip, feeling the breeze, watching animals live, seeing water… Nature has calming and healing effects for the mind, body, spirit, and soul; and ego has a hard time competing with that.

Nature is the expression of spirit, so when we immerse ourselves in nature, we immerse ourselves in spirit. Holding on to emotions of the ego becomes very difficult when you are surrounded by and immersed in its opposite–spirit. Spend some time outside–go for a hike, sit in your backyard, visit a park or nature sanctuary–and allow nature to engulf your spirit. Feel yourself becoming ONE with nature, and feel yourself being calmed and healed by its presence.


A Spiritual Solution to Releasing Life's Problems by Chereamie AlyceA Spiritual Solution to Releasing Life’s Problems

A Spiritual Solution to Releasing Life’s Problems is a quick guide to finding peace and releasing stress, anxiety, apprehension, fear, and other emotions of the ego. In this book, I walk you through 15 easy methods of finding center, living from spirit, and releasing ego.

The methods I share in this book are ways that I personally use on a regular basis, and I have found them to be some of the most effective ways to connect with spirit. As we walk through each method, I’ll show you how to get started, how to work these methods into a busy day, and how to keep staying in spirit at the front of your mind every day.


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Chereamie is a health, wellness, & fitness coach, author/writer, yogini, and lover of ALL life. As a health, wellness, and fitness enthusiast with a strong spiritual background, she connects the dots between physical health and spirituality. Chereamie is an advocate for human and animal rights, as well as the health and longevity of our planet. She also has background experience as an intuitive medium, helping people to interpret Divine messages and connect deeply with the inner-self and their intuition.

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