To Be: Happy, Joyful, Love, Successful, & All That You Wish To Be

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To be sounds simple enough, yet it eludes most of us in our daily lives.  We wish to be the thing called successful or we wish to be the thing called happy and/or loved.  The lists of possible things we can be could go on forever, and, indeed, they do.  You see, many of us identify with the body as who we are, thereby confusing what we are doing with what we are being.  Yes, this body is a wonderful gift that we graciously inhabit.  It will be a part of us while in this life journey; but I will tell you, you are not this body you inhabit.  You are much more than what appears as this physical body alone.  Your essence is truly more vast and grand than you may currently perceive.

Think of how we identify with the body as self in this way:  Let’s say someone calls you on the phone and asks, “What-cha doing?”  Most likely, you will answer back with something like, “I’m just sitting here reading this neat little article on Spiritually Mindful;” but the thought of what we are being while we’re doing almost never enters our minds. Are you being inspired? Are you being motivated? Is your curiosity piqued?  When asked, “Who are you?” most will answer, “I am a doctor,” or “I am a computer tech.”  When asked what you want to be in life, you hear the same basic reply.  “I want to be an astronaut,” or “I want to help others in need.”  However, these statements in no way describe what you are, nor do they describe what you want to be.  These are not what you are being, but rather what you are doing!  Your profession is not what you are being; it’s what you are doing.

This is how many of us have been programmed.  We have been taught and now believe that what we are doing is what we are being; but, in truth, this is not so.  In this, we are always thinking about what we are doing and not focused on what we are being while we are doing it.  I will tell you, we cannot do the thing called successful, nor can we do the thing called happy.  Truly, we can only be successful, and we can only be happy!  We cannot do the thing called love.  We can only be love.  Know that all of your life comes from your being-ness. Doing is of the physical body, and being is of the Soul—your true essence.  You see, your Soul’s natural state is being-ness—your Soul can only be—in truth, your soul will always be—to experience and express that which it is.  To your Soul, it’s not as important what you are doing as it is what you are being while you are doing it!

doctor heplingLet’s say you wish to do the thing called “doctor.”  Your dream is to help cure the sick, and be of service to humanity.  This doing the thing called “doctor” allows you to be the things called “caring, compassionate, healing, helpful, and of service to another in need”.  It’s neither the certificate nor the diploma on the wall that brings this being-ness to life; rather, it is the fact that you are these things that brings them to life.

Know that whatever it is you wish to do in life will first come from your being—that which you wish to create; for what you are, is.  That is to say, that which you are will always be attracted into your life.  (See the article The Power Of “I Am”).  Many of us have been taught that we are to first do something, then from the doing-ness we will have that which we seek, once we have what we seek, then we will be that which we sought out to be—but, again, this is simply just not so.  The formula is: Be, Do, Have.  To be that which you seek in life is to first be that which you seek, or, rather, to be that which you are! 

Listen to what was just said, for it is profound!

You must first be that which you wish to be—in fact, this being-ness has to be so real that it is what you are!  Then, you must do all the things this being-ness does, and you will have all that you seek from being that which you are.  Why?  Because what you are is what you will attract into your life.  This is your announcement to the Universe—to the all—to God, “This is who I am!”  “This is what I want!” (For more on this topic see the article: The Power of “I Am”.)

be happyFor instance, let’s say you wished to be the thing called happy.  You must first be happy!  From this happiness, you will move toward all the things that make you happy.  In your motion of happiness, you will find yourself doing all the things that bring you joy and happiness.  From this being happy and doing joyful things, you will have achieved the thing called happiness. The All acknowledges what you are and brings you the experiences in life so you may express and experience that which you are.

“How do I be happy,” you ask?  I will tell you, simply be happy.  Choose to be happy—choose to be joyful.  I know this sounds too simple, but that’s because it is this simple.  God made it this simple, because God loves simplicity.  Trust me, happiness isn’t hiding from you, it is within you—indeed, happiness is you.  Finding happiness in life is this easy, if you will only choose for it to be this easy.  There are no hidden secrets for you to discover about your being-ness; simply choose your being-ness, and so you shall be.  In every moment of your life, consciously choose to be that which you are.  Yes, God gave you this much power!

to be heartThis “Be—Do—Have” formula works in all that you do and in all aspects of your life.  You say you wish to be loved?  Then be loveBe love and make love who you are—what you are.  From your being love, you will find that love moves within you.  Love radiates outwardly from your being, expressing to the All that which it is you are.  This is when love becomes your expression and your experience.  Indeed, love becomes you.  If you wish to have love in your life, be love.

Do you seek to be successful in life?  Then be successful, and in this same way success will become you. Begin with your vision of success.  Close your eyes, and imagine what it feels like to be successful.  Radiate this image outwardly each day by holding this vision closely and dearly.  Know that this vision you have created is real—it is you!  Now do all the things that you will do as this successful person.  I will tell you, this vision of self will come to be.  ( To read more on achieving your Dreams, Goals and Desires see the article:  Manifestation; Achieving your Dreams, Goals and Desires.)

Regardless of what it is you wish to be in life, this Be—Do—Have formula works.  Trust me, from your expression of being-ness you are, and what you are, you will do.  What you’re doing from your being-ness, you will have as experience.

In this life journey, remember: to your Soul, it’s not as important what you are doing as it is what you are being while you are doing it.  I will encourage you to put much thought into what it is you wish to be.  When this vision you have created is clear, go into your day and be all that it is you truly are!  Thank you for sharing this moment, for me sharing this moment is truly a gift within itself.


Be Blessed—Be The Blessing

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