Manifestation: Achieving Your Dreams, Goals, & Desires

Why can’t I succeed?

Why can’t I obtain wealth?

Why can’t I lose the weight?

Why can’t I reach my goals?


Let’s face it—we Goalslive in fast-paced, get-it-quick world, filled with some empty promises of getting results now with little or no effort.  Please understand, this isn’t a judgment but an observation of what is.  The evidence is all around us.  Just check your e-mails or turn on your TV, and you will find such claims as get rich quick, weight loss supplement melts away pounds, and so on.  Promises, promises…  We are bombarded with these claims promising quick, overnight shortcuts and fast results with little to no effort.

Many have asked why they can’t succeed with these “proven” methods.  It’s because, more often than not, these promises are in vain.  We buy into them because we so desperately want them to work; we want the success now and without much effort.  Who wouldn’t?  The fact that these advertising claims are so popular shows that we are largely buying into them.  Consequently, we can also fall victim to them if or when they do not work.  For many, when they don’t get results quick or now, they tend to give up.  They believe that they can’t obtain wealth and success or that their goals are unattainable, leaving them with the misconception of failure and self doubt.  “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough” becomes the mantra playing over and over in their mind.

yes you can 2In most cases, true success doesn’t happen overnight or right away; usually, the path to success is a journey that requires daily actions or steps toward achieving your dreams, goals, and desires.  Trust me, it’s not that you can’t succeed, and, I will tell you, you’re absolutely, unquestionably “good enough.”  It’s just that real, lasting success is obtained through your daily intentions, actions, and deeds to move toward your goals.

Don’t be afraid to fail.  To fail is to try.  After all, a turtle must stick its neck out, or it would never move!  If you never try, you’re almost certain not to succeed.  Even your perceived failures are successes.  Think of it this way: you now know what won’t work and what not to do in the future—you’ve gained knowledge and experience.  Yes, even a failure is a step in the right direction.

The majority of the time, these “overnight” or “get-it-quick” ploys are just that—ploys.  Lasting success will be as strong as the foundation you’ve built.  Most successful people will agree that success is built with a good plan, determination, perseverance, and a clear objective. Success in all of your life endeavors is achieved though your daily intentions, thoughts, actions and deeds to do so, with each days achievements building upon the last.

You see, life unfolds as moments, that lead to days, that lead to months, which become years.  “A ten thousand mile journey begins with a single step,” is a timeless expression—one that has been passed down throughout the ages; but where most of us fall short and lose sight of this teaching is that this single step is to be followed by another and yet another step.  This teaching does not express that we are to remain focused on our intended destination, regardless of the obstacles, work involved, or time that it will require.

Buiding-A-Roman-Temple-q50-440x500We have all heard the expression, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but with the mere movement of a single stone.”  What was never mentioned (rather, it was implied) was that this single action was followed by the movement and placement of another stone, and then another, one achievement building upon the last.  This required the daily intention and action of moving all the required pieces into place, all the while, maintaining the vision of the grand structure that is to be.  In these daily actions and intentions, these moments become days, which become months which became this vision realized and manifested as reality. I will tell you, the smallest actions and the smallest pieces grow to build the grandest things.

Embrace your personal power to accomplish your grandest Dreams, Goals, and Desires, and see their magnificence through to completion.  Embrace them, whatever they may be. Visualize them as they have already happened.  See these images from the perspective of your own eyes, rather than perceiving them from someone else’s perspective.  Hold this vision in the forefront of your mind; make it vivid, and clear as you are actually there in that moment.  Now, keep this vision in the forefront of your mind throughout your day, every day.  Just before you go to bed and when you first awake, hold this vision. Know that what you keep on your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in life.  This is because all thought is first creation. This thought, your vision, is your announcement to the Universe—to the all“This is who I Am, This is what I want.”  Know that this vision you have created is real and only needs to be followed by your daily intentions and actions to manifest it.  That is to say, your ladder to successdaily thoughts, actions, and deeds are your announcements of self to the all and is what will manifest in your life.

Embrace your creative power.  Announce your Grandest Dreams, your Highest Visons, and your Deepest Desires!  Now, empower them–know they are accomplished.  Take your thoughts, actions and deeds to new heights; create, cultivate and be your Grandest Visions–the magnificence you truly are.


Be Blessed—Be The Blessing

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Olen J. Hamm is a Writer/Author and modern Spiritual Guide. Olen began his personal quest for truth and attainment in his early adult years. This self-study led to many realizations and unfoldments in his life. From these epiphanies, his first book was written. To Be: Guiding You Back to the Truth of You takes the reader through some of life’s biggest questions and presents them simply and eloquently. With the release of his second book, Union With God: The Inner Dialogue the veil between the One Life, living, and dying is lifted, and Olen’s writing shows The Way to Truth for all that seek it. Union With God: The Inner Dialogue has since found its way into the hearts and hands of spiritualists and spiritual teachers worldwide. In Olen’s words, “Love is always The Way… Love is always The Truth… What you do in the fullness of Love, you shall do in the fullness of God…”

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