Movement is Life

Mind-Body-SpiritFor many of us following our Spiritual paths, we put a strong emphasis on our Spirituality and Mindful Consciousness; but, I will tell you, we are all a Trinity—a three-part being of Mind, Spirit, and Body, all equally important if we are to reach our full potential as Spiritual beings in this physical expression and experience of life.

“Nothing Happens Until Something Moves”

–Albert Einstein

The physical body is miraculously designed to be worked, pushed, challenged, and utilized. It will grow and adapt to whatever it is you wish to do, so that you may be. (For more on “being,” see the article To Be).  This body will accommodate you and serve you in your highest becoming. The more energy you expel, the more it will increase to accommodate you. The more physical demands you put on it, the more it will grow beyond what it was to serve you. I will tell you, this body is the vehicle for our Souls in this realm, and it is a precious, grand gift to be cherished by us all. Indeed, you—the Soul—loves to move in, as, and through this physical expression of life called our body so that we may know and experience all that we are through all the wonderments of physicality. Indeed, the body truly is divinely majestic—a wonderment all of its own.

Dr.Chuck Hillman brain scan after walkingSimply getting out and walking is one of the best things you can do for your body. Walking is the most naturally intended motion of the body. It’s gentle, low impact, and suitable for all ages. Spending as little as 30 minutes a day walking strengthens your heart, lowers risk of disease, lowers risk of breast cancer, boosts vitamin D levels, improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels, gives you more energy, tones and strengthens muscle, and enhances mental well-being. Yes, simply walking promotes and releases feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream. These endorphins are released while doing moderate intensity exercise, such as walking. If possible, walk outdoors, and be close to the natural world. Move within it, and be fully in the moment.  This is a great time to Consciously Meditate. (For more on this, see the article Conscious Meditation).

Did you know that walking, jogging, or running a mile has the same calorie burning benefits?  That’s right!  Regardless if you run, jog, or walk, distance is distance.  Your body will burn the same amount of calories. So that walk around the mall or grocery store is calorie burning exercise!

Studies have shown that consciously thinking of daily activities as exercise have a positive effect on the body. To be mindful of your movements throughout your day will increase your overall health.  A term for this non-exercise is “NEAT” or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It is the energy we burn in our daily activities. Calories burned, while you walk, clean, shop, play with the kids, do yard work, gardening, or taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator or an escalator are all exercise, and they will all increase 467x267-familyridingbikes-tsyour overall health.  So you don’t necessarily have to hit the gym every day… you can hit the playground, instead!  That is to say that any physical activities you enjoy are exercise.  The more consciously you think of active activities as beneficial exercise, the more your body responds to them as such.

Go play, and have fun.  Be mindful as you move through life, be balanced and be blessed.  Thank you for sharing this moment with me.  As always…

Be Blessed—Be The Blessing

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Olen J. Hamm is a Writer/Author and modern Spiritual Guide. Olen began his personal quest for truth and attainment in his early adult years. This self-study led to many realizations and unfoldments in his life. From these epiphanies, his first book was written. To Be: Guiding You Back to the Truth of You takes the reader through some of life’s biggest questions and presents them simply and eloquently. With the release of his second book, Union With God: The Inner Dialogue the veil between the One Life, living, and dying is lifted, and Olen’s writing shows The Way to Truth for all that seek it. Union With God: The Inner Dialogue has since found its way into the hearts and hands of spiritualists and spiritual teachers worldwide. In Olen’s words, “Love is always The Way… Love is always The Truth… What you do in the fullness of Love, you shall do in the fullness of God…”

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