The Blessing of Kindness

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Love is the way!  To give of one’s self unconditionally in service of others is Divine.  When you ask God for help, help is there; when you seek God’s guidance, guidance is bestowed.  If you need strength, God’s strength is within you.  God will never ask, “What’s in it for me?”

I will encourage you to be God-like—be like that from which you came—Unconditional Love.  Find ways to give, not only to yourself, but of yourself.  See how giving unconditionally from the heart transforms you.  Feel and embrace the magnificence it ushers into your life.  This simple act of unconditional giving and being of service will not only enrich your life, but it will enrich the lives of others, as well.  I will tell you, it will enrich the deepest aspect of you—your Soul.

When you feel negative emotions of anger, frustration, irritability, anxiety, belittlement, and you seek out revenge, release these feelings.  Release any and all negative emotions you may be harboring.  They do not serve you.  Breath in deeply, relax, and smile.  Be in this marvelous moment of now, and trust that all is going to Divine plan.  This is to simply let go, and let God.  This too will keep you in Spirit to see the perfection that is.  I will encourage you to go with the flow of life, as life will effortlessly guide you to where you need to be–that is, if you will let it.

Act in kindness in all that you do.  In releasing negativity feel how your Spirit is lightened, or should I say enlightened.  Releasing that which you are not will leave only that which you are.  With daily acts of kindness, watch as your relationships blossom, friendships strengthen, and your essence emerges.  Life is always setting up ways for you to realize your Soul’s intentions for you to experience and express that which you are—love.  Yes, like God, your essence is LOVE.  Giving and being of service doesn’t mean you have to start a charity or abruptly drop everything in your life and go to a third world country to be of service.  Of course, unless it does…  If this is your intuitive calling and you know with all your being this is your dharma to fulfill, by all means, absolutely go for it.

To be of service to others can be as simple as random acts of kindness.  To simply be kind, I will tell you, is contagious.  When others see your illuminating light radiating from within with sincerity and kindness, they too will embrace this being-ness to be kind in turn.  When you get the chance to illuminate joy and happiness, do so—or should I say be so.  Be happiness, be joyfulness, and be love.  Let these expressions of self radiate.  Send a friendly smile or share some kind words with happy-couple-having-fun-outdoors-laughing-joyful-family-freedom-conceptsomeone and see their reaction.  More times than not, it will make them feel good, warm their heart, and make them smile as well.  Believe me, this simple act of kindness is a gift to them that, in turn, will be a gift to another.  When you notice something about a person that you would like for your own, sincerely complement them on it. This simple act will keep you in Spirit while activating the Natural Law of Attraction.  It will also keep you from negative feelings of resentment, bringing you even more joyful moments as a result.  Being kind and of service is as simple as holding the door open and allowing others to go first.  If someone has offended you, hold your composure.  Smile, and let it be—remain in Spirit.  Do not allow their negative energy to become yours.  Know that when you’re smiling and being love, God and the Angels are smiling with you—within you.

Be aware of opportunities that find their way to you—opportunities to be kind, giving, and of service.  If you know of a friend, family member, or possibly even the next stranger that you meet that is in need and you’re able to help, act on this opportunity—whatever it may be.  When life presents an opportunity to be kind and of service and you are consciously aware of this opportunity, embrace it and graciously do so—this conscious impulse is your Soul urging you to act. Being kind to animals and nature is just as important, as well.  If you’ve ever looked into an animal’s or your pet’s eyes, you will see they have a Spirit.  Perhaps their Spirit isn’t as conscious as ours, but it is a Spirit nonetheless.  Perhaps we can learn from these animals, as they are living their dharma completely in the natural balance of life.  Look into nature—don’t just look at it, look into it.  Feel the grandeur with all your being.  Feel God within it; for all of nature is God expressed.

Each morning when you awake, have a conscious intention to be joy, happiness, and love.  Be aware of the opportunities to express and experience kindness, giving, and being of service.  I will encourage you to practice simple acts of kindness and to be giving and of service for a week.  I believe you will find that you will adopt this practice for a lifetime.  Experience the blessings these simple acts will bring into your life—into your entire being.  We don’t all have to change the world, but if we would all move with simple acts of kindness daily—kindness for the all that is us—I tell you, the world will change.

Be Blessed—Be the Blessing

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Olen J. Hamm is a Writer/Author and modern Spiritual Guide. Olen began his personal quest for truth and attainment in his early adult years. This self-study led to many realizations and unfoldments in his life. From these epiphanies, his first book was written. To Be: Guiding You Back to the Truth of You takes the reader through some of life’s biggest questions and presents them simply and eloquently. With the release of his second book, Union With God: The Inner Dialogue the veil between the One Life, living, and dying is lifted, and Olen’s writing shows The Way to Truth for all that seek it. Union With God: The Inner Dialogue has since found its way into the hearts and hands of spiritualists and spiritual teachers worldwide. In Olen’s words, “Love is always The Way… Love is always The Truth… What you do in the fullness of Love, you shall do in the fullness of God…”

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