The Power of “I AM”


Thought Is First Creation 

For Every Creation Begins With Thought

What are thoughts? Energy!

Energy is everything.  Your body is made up of cells that are made up of atoms which are made up of subatomic particles.  Subatomic particles are energy.  From subatomic particles, to the vast Universe and everything in between is this same energy vibrating at different frequencies, appearing as our reality.  Everything is energy, regardless of how big or small, how solid or empty.  Everything known is energy.  You are this same energy.  Your thoughts, also expressed as words, are measurable pulses of energy.  Thought energy extends beyond your physical body, out into the vast Universe, and, like a magnet, it returns back to you as a manifestation of experience or matter.  This is how we create and manifest.  We manifest that which we think about on a consistent basis.  With every thought, action, and deed on a particular experience or thing (matter), these thought energies will group together with like energies to accumulate and manifest as reality, providing the things or experiences we focus on.  In truth, every thought is a prayer.  It is an announcement to the all of that which we are.  We are what we are; thereby, we will attract more of what we are to manifest into our lives.  That is to say, like energy will always seek like energy.stock-footage-hd-motion-atomic-particles-collide-and-spin-loop  This is a Natural Law of the Universe.  If you knew the true power of your thoughts, words, and actions, you would be more mindful of them.   One of the most powerful announcements one can make is the announcement of self—“I am.”  This “I Am” statement and what follows is the announcement to the all, “This is who I am.”  I will encourage you to be mindful of your “I Am” statements throughout your day, as what follows “I Am” is what will be.


Are you saying things like:

  • i amI am inadequate.
  • I am dumb.
  • I am ugly.
  • I am frustrated.
  • I am angry.
  • I am never going to make it.
  • I am not good enough.
  • I am unloved.


I am, I am…  These statements and what follows are very powerful announcements of self—a very powerful announcement of your self-creation.  You see, when expressed enough and with high emotion; these announcements will become you, become your experience, and become your self-created reality, manifested.

For what I Am is That I Am


You see, what you are is energy; everything you sense, everything you see, touch, smell or feel is energy expressed and experienced.  Your thoughts are this same energy that surrounds you.  Your thoughts—“prayers”—will manifest as experience and matter.  I will tell you, the power of thought is far more powerful than you may currently understand.  FreeSpiritSunsetEverything you do, think, and say is creation—a powerful announcement of self for all to see—an announcement that creates your life.  I will encourage you to be mindful of your thoughts; for what you keep on your mind on a consistent basis, is exactly what you will experience.  This is your prayer.  It is your announcement to God and the Universe saying, “This is who I am,” “This is what I want.”  This announcement of self is exactly what you will experience from your creative expression.  That is to say, so you ask, so you shall receive.  This thought energy you transmit seeks like energy.  When enough like energy or thoughts bind together, they accumulate and manifest as reality, experience, and/or matter in your life.  I will tell you, you are a powerful, creative being creating every moment of your life and what your life means.  We are not only creating our own perceptions of reality, but, as a whole, we are creating our collective realities.  If we are mindful of our thoughts individually, with our primary focus on love, then collectively, our experience would change.

Now understand, just because you have a bad day every now and then or you’ve had a few negative thoughts throughout your day, doesn’t mean negativity is coming your way.  A positive thought is much stronger than a negative thought.  It takes many more negative thoughts to manifest negativity than it does positive thoughts to manifest positivity.  But, when your dominant thoughts are on lack (or negativity), then that’s what you will get back—more situations to feel and be lack.  If your dominant thoughts are on love (positivity), then that, too, is what you will get in return—more situations to feel and be love.  By the Natural Law of Attraction, more positivity is what will move into your life and become you—become your life.  I will tell you, nothing in the Universe moves faster than love, as God is Love.

God is Love. Embrace God by embracing your life lovingly.  Embrace this process of creation and self-realization lovingly; for it is through this gift of physicality that we create and come to know ourselves as the magnificence we are.  This cycle of life truly is one of God’s grandest gifts to us—to unconditionally create and know yourself for whom you truly are.  Yes, God gave you this much power.  Yes, God gave you this much freedom. Yes, God Loves you this much!

Be Blessed—Be the Blessing

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Olen J. Hamm is a Writer/Author and modern Spiritual Guide. Olen began his personal quest for truth and attainment in his early adult years. This self-study led to many realizations and unfoldments in his life. From these epiphanies, his first book was written. To Be: Guiding You Back to the Truth of You takes the reader through some of life’s biggest questions and presents them simply and eloquently. With the release of his second book, Union With God: The Inner Dialogue the veil between the One Life, living, and dying is lifted, and Olen’s writing shows The Way to Truth for all that seek it. Union With God: The Inner Dialogue has since found its way into the hearts and hands of spiritualists and spiritual teachers worldwide. In Olen’s words, “Love is always The Way… Love is always The Truth… What you do in the fullness of Love, you shall do in the fullness of God…”

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