How to Master Your Spirituality, Your Health, & Your Life

The more we move and flow through our lives, the more we desire to find true mastery in all aspects of it… We’d all love to perfect our spiritual practices, our health and wellbeing, and our outlook on life. In order for us to evolve and improve not only our own lives but the lives of others, we have to keep moving forward. We have to keep searching. We have to keep learning and growing.

Maybe you have a calling… Maybe you are called toward a spiritual, mindful, or health based career. Maybe you have found that mastery and you want to help others find the same thing. The answer is the same: You have to keep moving forward, searching, learning, and growing.

At Spiritually Mindful, we believe that the best investment you can make in life is one that betters yourself. This isn’t a selfish act, though… This is an act that can improve the life of another. By improving your own life, you lead by example – you change someone else’s perspective just by being you! By following your heart and picking up the career of your dreams, not only do you inspire another to do the same, but you help others along your path.

So how can we do this? How can we keep learning and growing? How can we live in demonstration? How can we improve the lives of others by improving upon ourselves? We keep going. Here are 3 ways that you can do just that…


1. Turn Inward

Okay… So looking inward may not seem like it teaches you anything new, but you may be surprised. Turning inward can be as simple as reflecting or journaling, or it can be as structured as meditation. However you choose to turn inward, the point is that you look deep within yourself to determine who you are, what your values are, and what you are called to be and do in this lifetime.

Turning inward results in authenticity. Being authentic is the key to being love. Love is the driving force of all things in this lifetime, so being love is the highest vibrational thing you can be.

It’s all a matter of getting in touch with your innate self, following your heart, and listening to your inner guidance. If you do this daily, you will grow beyond measure. You will become more, you will inspire others, and you will excel in all things – turning inward to find the love within yourself is the key to not only being love, but seeing the love in everyone and everything you come across each and every day.


2. Take 1-3 Positive Actions Each Day

When you turn inward, you can see what your Divine calling is. You can see what your needs are. You can see the bigger picture of things… But how do you use it? How do you use those things you find when you turn inward? What do you do with them?

ACT. Every day you ACT on them. This is the second step to growing and being an inspiring light to others, as well.

Make a list of everything you are called to do and everything you feel, from your deepest level, that you should be doing in life. Maybe you should follow through with that job change idea you had. Maybe you feel that you should be exercising daily. Maybe you feel that your diet needs some cleaning up. Maybe you feel that you should move into a spiritually based career. Whatever it is you feel you need or are called to do, jot it down.

After you’ve made the list, it’s time to take action. Set an intention to follow through with 1-3 of those things on your list each day. Each day, make an effort to follow your inner-guidance and act in love. Once you’ve fulfilled those callings and needs, move on to the next. You should always be working on at least 1-3 of your callings, desires, and needs each and every day.

Keep adding. Keep expanding. Keep growing. Keep spreading love. Always.



3. Take Your Learning & Growth to the Next Level

Turning inward and following your own inner guidance is always the best way to grow, live from spirit, and follow your heart – but sometimes we want a little more. Sometimes we want a boost. Maybe you just want to learn something new! Maybe you’re ready to really master your spiritual, mindfulness, or health practices. Or maybe it’s time that you finally get formal training to have the confidence you need in our spiritual-, mindfulness-, or health-based career!

Just like you, others were searching. They set out to find expertise in an area you want to learn more about. They set out to inspire others and help them fulfill their callings, as well. You can take your personal or professional practices to the next level with courses. Courses written and taught by people just like YOU who want to share their knowledge and expertise with the world – people who WANT to help you reach their same level of success. People who want to be your mentor and help you grow like they did.

Taking courses online can be intimidating and expensive… We know! For this very reason, we have teamed up with OfCourse to help you find all of the education you need or want at an amazing discount. OfCourse is offering the Spiritually Mindful Tribe 80% off of ALL courses – spirituality or otherwise. (Click here to get your discount.)

OfCourse is a course hosting website with thousands of courses and instructors who want to help you find mastery in your spirituality, in your health, and in your life. There are courses on everything from weight loss to meditation; tarot reading to energy healing; and everything in between. You can find every course you would ever need to master your life, master your spirituality-based career, or simply learn more about your spiritual and mindfulness practices to help you grow and become more… Not only for yourself, but for others.



You are special. You are made of love and light. You are a beautiful soul who is meant to inspire, lead, and ascend. You are ready to evolve, and you are ready to succeed with whatever undertaking you can imagine. You deserve to master your spirituality, and others deserve your inspiration, your light, your love, and your guidance. Turn inward, follow your heart, and trust in the unseen. Know that all is possible, and the key to life is living in love and always growing to become more so that you can be more for others. Namaste.




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