Mindfulness has been a common topic of discussion lately, and more and more people are engaging in a mindful lifestyle. This is a wonderful practice, and I really urge everyone to “jump on the bandwagon” (so to speak)! It is a very simple, peaceful, and fulfilling way to live!

Mindfulness has two different meanings. One definition of being mindful is being thoughtful about the things you affect and the things that affect you in life. You can be mindful about your health, your work, the environment, your spaces, and any other aspect of your life. Another definition is being mindful of moments, or being fully conscious in every moment. While I completely believe in being mindful in both ways (and I encourage you to be, too!), what I’m really talking about in this particular article is being mindful of your moments.

When we are concious of everything we do in life, we act from spirit rather than from ego. Ego is the part of you that toils and works toward results, and spirit is the part of you that wishes to serve a higher purpose. When we are on the path to finding ONE, we are working to live from and be spirit or our true self–the part of us that yearns to reach a higher purpose and feel a sense of fulfillment.

When we are mindful of our moments, we actually experience them, rather than just walking through them. For instance, we are all guilty of mindlessly eating. We eat while driving, while working, while talking… and we rarely ever really think about the experience of eating. We don’t think about the flavors, the textures, and the nourishment our food provides us. We don’t think about all the things that had to happen in order for us to eat what we’re eating–the plants had to be grown, someone had to water and nourish them, they had to be harvested, they may have had to be prepared, and they may have had to be delivered to wherever they were purchased from. And don’t forget your own hard work… Preparing meals, even if it’s just a sandwich or smoothie, takes care, love, and time that should be appreciated!

And it isn’t just eating, it’s everything… How often do you sit back and enjoy your commute? How often to you take in moments? How often do you watch the sun rise? How often do you really experience a warm cup of tea? How often do we think about the action of exercise and how our muscles and body feels when it is being used? How often do you allow yourself to really feel the presence of another person rather than just rushing through the conversation? How often do you feel the grass or rocks crunch beneath your feet while you walk? These are all things that we should be mindful of, because they are all part of our experience.

Living to experience your life is so much more fulfilling than just walking through life. The practice of mindfulness brings great peace, clarity, and joy into our lives, and it helps us to express love from the spirit or the true self.

The next time you find yourself being mindless and just walking through life, remind yourself to experience it… Live from your spirit, and allow yourself to feel the breeze, the earth, and the people surrounding you. Allow yourself to experience this moment, because it’s the only one we have…




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