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We’re so glad you’ve found our oasis of light and love! Spiritually Mindful is dedicated to guiding you to a spiritual and mindful lifestyle.

A life of spirituality and mindfulness encompasses many things; not only does it encompass your connection to Source or Divinity, it also encompasses balance of your trinity–your mind, body, and spirit. We post about many practices and topics to help you find your balance including spirituality, Angels and other divine energies, meditation, yoga, pranayama, nutrition, and the benefits of leading a Spiritually Mindful lifestyle.

If you’re ready to get started with a spiritual and mindful lifestyle or if you’re just looking to expand on your already beautiful existence, you’ve come to the right place! We appreciate you spending your time here, and we hope our messages bring you inspiration and tranquility. Many Blessings…


Spiritually Mindful is written by a team of authors who developed the Spiritually Mindful Lifestyle through years of dedication to spirituality, mindfulness, and balance… Meet them below!

Olen J. Hamm

OJH-Profile-Edited-Small (1024x768) (800x600)Olen J. Hamm is a Writer/Author and modern Spiritual Guide. Although he is seemingly new to the spiritual movement, Olen is quickly gaining public notoriety as a gifted Spiritual Teacher; although, Olen would not describe himself as a teacher in his own words but instead as a humble guide. Olen would be the first to tell you “You do not need me, nor do you need anyone for that matter, to bring you to truth. In truth, all that you would ever need already exists within you—it is you. I cannot give you that for which you already possess within. I cannot teach you what you already know. I am but a humble friend in service, which only wishes to guide you back to that which you have forgotten… To remember and embrace the truth of you…”

Olen began his personal quest for truth and attainment in his early adult years. This self-study lead to many realizations and unfoldments in his life. While in his 30’s, he had some epiphany happenings that revealed to him his true life purpose and fulfillment. His purpose was one of being a messenger of light and love unto the world. From these epiphanies, his new and first book, To Be, was written and due to be available in January of 2016 as an eBook. To Be is a Spiritual Guide to Mindful Living. It takes the reader through some of life’s biggest questions and presents them simply and eloquently. The reader will journey through self-discovery and self-realization—to come to know the truth of them and how to begin to live a Spiritually Mindful life—Mind, Body, & Soul as One. It is Olen’s down to earth and practical writing style that takes seemingly complex teachings and philosophies and puts them in plain and simple terms that are easily understood and applied. In Olen’s own words, “Simplicity is clarity.”


Chereamie Alyce

Chereamie Alyce is a writer, author, intuitive medium/empath, and new age leader. With a lifelong desire to make a difference in the world, Chereamie spreads light, love, and knowledge to all who seek.

Chereamie’s spiritual enlightenment process began unexpectedly through her interest in physical health. This interest quickly led her to become an inspired yogi, wishing to share her messages with the world. As an advocate for positive change, Chereamie has a passion for activism, human and animal rights, environmental improvement, holistic health, which has lead her to assume a holistic, balanced lifestyle. She finds great importance in a balanced, spiritual, mindful, and holistic lifestyle, and helps us share this knowledge with our readers.

Chereamie is also passionate about spiritual growth, discovery and attainment. As a natural intuitive, Chereamie has always been very sensitive to energy, auras, and the spiritual realm, and throughout the process of her spiritual enlightenment and growth, she has developed a heightened connection with Angels.

Chereamie believes the journey to enlightenment and awakening should be shared with the world, and to help others find their own path to spiritual enlightenment and balance, Chereamie guides people in finding and connecting with Angels as well as the higher self. She assists with the interpretation of Angelic messages and works one-on-one with anyone looking to connect with or receive guidance from the Angels.


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