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The Fueled by Flora program has EVERYTHING you need to transition to a plant based lifestyle, grow to enjoy exercise, live holistically, transform your ENTIRE life, and find TRUE health!

You get:

A complete education on plant based living and making a lifestyle switch. Here are the program modules:

  • The Purpose of Health & Wellness: Why health, wellness, and fitness isn’t superficial, and WHY your health is so important.
  • How Food Affects Your Body: Scientific evidence of why plant based diets are the way to go, plus I walk you through EXACTLY how animal products affect your body
  • Making the Transition: Why AND how to make a transition to a plant based and holistic lifestyle
  • Processed & Prepackaged Foods: The truth about processed foods and how to escape the toxins and chemicals of the food industry, including the resources and tools you need to make the switch.
  • Hydration: I tell you exactly what to drink, what to avoid, and WHY, plus tips on how to change your hydration habits.
  • Fitness: Why fitness is important, why fitness isn’t superficial, and how you can get started as a beginner
  • Learning to LOVE Fitness: I show you exactly how to find exercise you enjoy and grow to love your exercise routine.
  • Eat Delicious Food ~ All Day Every Day: Dieting, weight loss, and getting healthy isn’t about depriving yourself, eating tiny meals, or counting calories, fat, carbs, or macros… I show you everything you need to know about eating lots of tasty foods each and every day and how to balance your diet without counting ANYTHING.
  • A Meal-by-Meal Guide: After you learn what you need to know about eating LOTS of tasty food, I show you exactly what to eat and when for optimal health and weight loss.
  • Let’s Get Cooking: A healthy lifestyle depends on making your own foods – but many people are lost when it comes to the kitchen. In this module, I share my BEST cooking tips and the necessary kitchen basics to help you cook like a pro!
  • Making Time for Cooking: While many people are lost in the kitchen, even more of us are lost when it comes to making time to actually get int he kitchen, much less cook! I show you how to make time to cook and how to ensure your success by making your meals as quick and easy as possible.
  • How to Choose Ingredients: Making time to cook and navigating your kitchen is one step of the process… The other is learning what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding, and how to prepare delicious meals that help you lose weight and attain true health!
  • BONUS MODULE: The Best Kept Secrets in Finding & Maintaining Success with Your New Lifestyle & Your Results: Finding TRUE health is about much more than physical, bodily health. That’s why I found it necessary to include the secrets to finding and maintaining your success with your new lifestyle. I go in depth with the 4 best kept secrets of losing weight, finding balance, and attaining TRUE health… And these secrets are EXACTLY what will help you maintain your results!


A Detailed, Week-by-Week Lifestyle Transition Guide

The #1 way to find lasting results is to transform your lifestyle.

I have outlined a detailed and COMPLETE week-by-week guide to help you transform your lifestyle to find REAL results that LAST! No more yo-yo dieting, no more gaining back lost weight… ONLY SUCCESS!

In this transition guide, I help you transition to a plant based lifestyle, an active lifestyle, and a holistic lifestyle.

This is the EXACT way I lost 50 pounds – but BETTER!

I have optimized this guide to show you how to make this change in a FRACTION of the time it took me to transform my own life.

PLUS, this week-by-week guide can be customized to suit your needs. Weight loss, transformation, and lifestyle transitions are all unique – just like you! You can take the transitions faster or slower to ensure that this transition works for YOU!

I made it EASY for you to make this lifestyle transition work for YOUR life and YOUR lifestyle. Make the transition in YOUR time and in YOUR way, but with the structured guidelines you need to find and maintain REAL results.


The OFFICIAL Fueled by Flora Quick Start Recipe Guide

I have provided you with 20 of my BEST recipes to help you get started! They give you a perfect example to help you build a healthy lifestyle from.

You get recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinners, AND snacks.

All recipes are made of 100% pure plant ingredients, and great for families (adults and children, alike!).

Plus, you get cooking tips on how to apply your program outline to the recipes.


The Fueled by Flora Success Journal which effortlessly flows with the program and transition guides. No more wondering where you are going or how you are doing! I lay EVERYTHING out so that you can easily set goals and intentions using your own internal guidance system, plus track your journey along your transformation. This is the CLOSEST you can get to having a real-life health coach without the monthly bill. Your journal includes:

  • Tapping into your internal guidance system to set goals and intentions
  • The tools and resources you need to effortlessly track your progress (I tell you what is worth tracking and how often to track).
  • Logs to keep all of your resources in ONE go-to place
  • A weekly transition journal to help you work through the transition and show you EXACTLY where to put your focus
  • BONUS: 30 Day Total Health & Wellness Journal
    • The Total Health & Wellness Journal is a place where you can hold yourself accountable for your wellness efforts by logging your meals, hydration, exercise, and routines.


The Fueled by Flora On-the-Go Guide Book

Over 20 guides that you can bring with you to help you make healthy choices and maintain your lifestyle like a pro! Includes grocery shopping guides, ingredient guides, fitness/exercise guides, restaurant navigation guides, and MUCH MORE!

Lifetime Access to the GROWING Library of Fueled by Flora Resources ONLY Available to Members of the Fueled by Flora Program!

You get LIFETIME access to the growing library of Fueled by Flora resources and guides to take your transition to the next level.

Grocery lists, meal plans, meal planning tools, exclusive recipes and articles, workout plans, fitness tips, and MUCH MORE!

The library of resources CONTINUES to grow each week, and you get access to all existing, all new, and all upcoming resources!


All of the Help You Need!

You have 24/7 access to ME – the creator behind Fueled by Flora and an expert in transformative change!

I’m your new health, wellness, and fitness coach; and I’m here to answer all of your questions and help you find SUCCESS with this lifestyle change!


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