To Be: Guiding You Back to the Truth of You by Olen J. Hamm (Paperback Edition)


To Be: Guiding You Back to the Truth of You by Olen J. Hamm

Paperback Edition

Love is The Way… Always remember, Love is The Way…

This book and the pages within it are a guide to your Spiritual awakening, illuminating the path to the magnificence which is already inside of you–God. To Be is a guide of coming to know, express, experience, and realize that which you are. The authentic you–the Soul. To embrace and be the Soul consciousness and to move from within it in your daily life.

The pages in this book will expand your awareness to your full potential as a Spiritual being. The awakening of your Soul and the realization of the authentic self. This guide will introduce you to the trinity that is you–the mind, body, and soul united as one. It will show you how to live your life in balance and harmony. In these pages, you will discover why we are here and what we are to do within this brief life. To answer life’s biggest questions: Who am I? What is the purpose of life? What is my personal purpose in life?

This book will guide you through releasing your fears–fears of lack, emptiness, loneliness, and the truth about death and how to embrace it… Yes, how to embrace it. It will illuminate the path to Oneness with All; the release of ego’s judgments; the release of the belief that there is a right or wrong way to live; and the belief that there is only one path to Heaven–to God. These pages will expand your current Spiritual and Mindful awareness to truth. In truth, we are all one. You will learn that there is no separation between you, between us, between God, or between anything; and that everything you will ever require is already within you. You will learn to trust in yourself and trust in your Divinity–embrace life and the God within you. This guide will teach you to be mindful and connected in every moment, fully and with gratitude. It will teach you how to let go of the past and future; for in truth, there is only this eternal moment of now. This moment to become, to express, and to be that which you truly are.

I will tell you, there are no accidents in life, and all things are happening for a reason and with Divine purpose–including you. Know you have led yourself to this place and to this moment. The authentic you, the Soul, has led you to this book and to the pages within. To hear, feel, and be the messages that are within it–the messages that are within you. To open your perception of what is and what you are. You see, I truly believe I’ve written this book for you, for us, the all. It is presented to you now, with Divine timing and with Divine intention. Thank you for sharing this moment and these words… Thank you…

Be Blessed ~ Be the Blessing


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