Union With God: The Inner Dialogue by Olen J. Hamm


*NEW!* Union With God: The Inner Dialogue by Olen J. Hamm

There is an inner voice–an inner knowing–that if Man would only heed and follow, he would begin to move out of all of his confusion and difficulties in living. This inner voice–Man’s innermost nature–is the whisper of God guiding him home. There is Light within us all; and once this Light becomes the Truth of you, you shall move into life dynamically and fully–you shall live in, as, and through the eternal truth of your eternal reality. When Man lives life from his innermost nature, he truly moves into life as it is Divinely intended. He moves into his rightful empowerment of his true Divinity, and he lives his life to the fullest degree. This inner path is the path to illumination. It is the illumed path that leads to Union of Self and of God…

The pages within this communion are of my personal experiences and of my personal dialogue with God. All of the events, disclosures, and understandings herein are depicted as they unfolded for me. The intent and purpose of this dialogue is to illuminate the path to your own personal realization of your Soul and of God–to move you into the awareness of the one spiritual reality that is. It is to unite your awareness of self into its fullest fruition in, as, and through the One Eternal Truth.

This is Union With God.


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